Jewish Community for Students and Families

The CCJDS community is diverse and welcoming.  We have a strong representation of Israeli, Russian, and interfaith families.  We focus on the Jewish practices we share and emphasize a deep respect for the variety of Jewish practice, as well as other faiths, found in our community.  Student leadership in tefillah (prayer) and holiday celebrations is seen as a natural part of student’s growth.  It begins with the Kindergarten seder and the first grade Yom Ha Siddur ceremony. The fifth grade Torah Trope ceremony is a capstone for the Lower School experience. Middle School students are responsible for the Jewish holiday celebrations and all grades participate in the ongoing renewal of our tefillah experience, making it meaningful and relevant.

Throughout the year, there are opportunities for parents and siblings to share the joy of celebrations and festivals. Parent volunteers help with holiday celebrations.  We also have wonderful after-school events like our family Shabbat dinners and our community-wide celebrations for Purim and Yom Ha’atzmaut which draws over 500 children and adults for music, food, crafts and fun — Israeli-style. These shared experiences help build the bonds of community which families cite as one of the biggest reasons they love our school.