Academic excellence is just the beginning!

The Advantages of a Small School

Leadership opportunities, meaningful friendships, and connections with teachers.

The CCJDS Difference

Best in class academic programs, inspiring teachers, and service and social responsibility.

Glimpse of CCJDS

CCJDS believes in fostering the intellectual and personal growth of our students.  Our students shine in writing and math competitions, excel in top high schools and universities and volunteer, lead and make a difference!  We are an independent school welcoming families from all backgrounds.

The word on the street. Check out our reviews!

CCJDS was great for our kids! One loving Northwestern and the other thriving at Monte Vista High School. We are grateful!
Emily Galdes Alumni Parent
CCJDS has helped pave the way for my academic success in high school. I loved the accessibility to my teachers who inspired my love of learning. The friends I made at CCJDS are still a big part of my life.
Ella S. CCJDS Class of 2016
I transfered to CCJDS this year and from the first day I felt welcomed from my classmates. I made friends right away. I really like my teachers and the projects we work on for each subject. I'm really happy here!
Leah S. CCJDS Class of 2023
CCJDS is a wonderful school that has made an incredibly positive difference in all three of my children's lives. We chose it for its academic excellence and were surprised by how much the culture of the school quickly became our favorite part.
Megan Goldstein Alumni Parent
My daughter Jordan was in the first graduating class at CCJDS and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She received a customized learning plan that catered to her learning style and she was taught how to manage her time and her life which has been invaluable.
Jill Osur Alumni Parent
A beautiful school full of amazing students & caring staff. As a teacher, I wish more schools could give a teaching experience as they give to all of their students.
Roy Rave CCJDS Community Member
This is a wonderful school that emphasizes excellent values and truly prepares students academically for everything. I am so impressed with the creativity of the staff and how engaged they keep the students. It's rigorous but highly relevant.
CCJDS Parent Founder
CCJDS is a wonderful, warm, community-oriented and academically rigorous school. My kids absolutely adore their teachers, their friendships, and the safe and friendly environment that the school provides.
CCJDS Parent Founder

CCJDS Academic Excellence

PhD Led Science Program

Top High School Placement

Thriving College Acceptances


At CCJDS young minds are challenged and nourished.

Through algebra and art, critical thinking and composition, technology and Jewish studies, students are enlightened, informed, and forge an identity rooted in traditions of intellectual integrity, devotion to others, and innovation.

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