Founded in 2001, Contra Costa Jewish Day School (CCJDS) is a Kindergarten through 8th grade independent school serving students and their families from all parts of the East Bay. We believe in the whole child approach to educating youth — fostering the intellectual, physical and spiritual growth of our students. We are committed to providing them with extraordinary teachers, individualized learning, and a vibrant, supportive environment where they develop into critical thinkers and effective communicators.

Our academic programs support questioning concepts, connecting ideas, and solving problems within class and community. Our students integrate the core Jewish values of kindness, service, justice and respect for others into the life of our school family in keeping with our Jewish commitment to making the world a better place (tikkun olam).

As a community Jewish Day School, we welcome families from all backgrounds. Through our diversity, we seek to deepen connections between CCJDS, the Jewish community, our Greater Bay Area community, and Israel, fostering on-going engagement that emphasizes shared values and outlooks.

Head of School Letter

Welcome to the CCJDS! Giving your child an inspiring independent school experience enriched with Jewish learning and community is a true gift. Our students engage in a rigorous academic program that cultivates their individual gifts and promotes their socio-emotional well-being. They practice core Jewish values like kindness, social responsibility and respect for others. Read More.


The Contra Costa Jewish Day School will enrich the quality of Jewish life in our community for generations to come. This exemplary institution embodies the value we place on education, our children, and Jewish continuity. CCJDS represents the unity of the Jewish people amidst the diversity of Jewish life, and is guided by Torah and traditions of Judaism.


  • Helping all students reach their full academic and personal potential
  • Maintaining excellence in both general and Judaic studies programs
  • Providing a rigorous and engaging general studies curriculum that encompasses mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, computer science, arts, and physical education
  • Teaching Torah and traditional Jewish texts and history, knowledge of the Hebrew language, a rich variety of Jewish practices, tefillot (prayers), and the central relationship with the State of Israel
  • Ensuring that all students acquire the critical thinking and other skills necessary to become knowledgeable, committed and responsible individuals
  • Creating a caring and supportive school community
  • Nurturing the uniqueness and individuality of each child in a respectful, exciting and modern environment
  • Maintaining low student-to-teacher ratios in all classes
  • Integrating community service into the lives of our school family in keeping with our Jewish commitment to Tikkun Olam (Repairing Our World)


CCJDS offers academic excellence within a nurturing and vibrant community. Our students are inspired, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. Class sizes average 18-22 students. We enjoy a low student-to-teacher ratio, with teaching assistants in many classes. Read More.


CCJDS lives by five core values that stem from our founding vision and mission.


To listen actively to one another with our ears, eyes, hearts, and minds in order to understand different perspectives.

Koach Ha’dibur

To speak with care as words serve as powerful tools that can lead to peace or break people apart.

Derech Eretz

To act with kindness and compassion.

Chaim Ruchani’im

To participate in meaningful spiritual practice.

Sh’lom Bayit

To take care of one another and build bridges with other people so we may live in a safe and peaceful community.


CCJDS welcomes students with a variety of talents, interests, backgrounds and perspectives. They develop a deep appreciation for their own identity and strong ability to respect and appreciate other cultures and their languages, traditions, and histories. Read More.