Student Life

When you ask CCJDS students and alumni what they love about their school, their favorite classes and activities are varied.  Almost universally, though, the top two things they love are their “amazing teachers and friends.”  The closeness of the CCJDS community is what they appreciate most about their CCJDS experience.

As a smaller school, we reap the benefits of really getting to know one another — teachers and staff know each student as a unique individual, students know one another across the grades.  Friendships formed during the early years mature and the class warmly welcomes new friends who transfer in from other schools.  Our students’ shared sense of adventure and community shines through this video made by the Class of 2015 on their Israel trip:

In the Lower School, town hall meetings, cross-grade buddy relationships, House Shabbats and school-wide celebrations provide the warm, supportive community that nurtures our youngest students and gives them the confidence to become leaders as they mature.

In the Middle School, coffee house Fridays, dynamic electives, Career Day, Intersession (three days of exciting electives led by teachers and adults in our community), school dances, and the capstone trips to Yosemite (6th grade), Los Angeles (7th grade), and Israel (8th grade) forge a special sense of belonging that a great smaller school provides.

CCJDS students love school because CCJDS is much more than a school. We are a wonderfully vibrant and close community.