Blended Learning

Blended Onsite Learning at CCJDS


At CCJDS, Blended Learning means that students at home and on campus are learning together, simultaneously.  Many teachers are teaching in the classroom, while some are teaching remotely.  Our teachers engage with students through a wide variety of modalities from live, synchronous video classrooms, to individualized challenges and hands-on projects, offering opportunities for all students to participate in creative and intellectual discussion.

The Blended Learning Program and Schedule

Our Blended Learning program is a full-day schedule for all students.  We are striving to unite our K-8 community, those on campus and those learning at home, through integrated learning and vibrant, virtual communal life.  The Blended Learning experience connects the class community for both learning and socialization.

We are following strict protocols (e.g. mask-wearing, social-distancing, handwashing/hand sanitizer stations, health screenings for staff and students, and cleaning of common surfaces throughout the day) to minimize the chances of transmitting COVID-19.

On our beautiful campus, we have created open spaces where we can play and learn outdoors maintaining social distance, while still getting to know our students and collaborating in small groups. This includes open-air tents and outdoor learning spaces in our courtyards where the abundant fresh air and space further reduce the risk of COVID transmission. Some of our outdoor activities include cross-grade reading buddies, Kindergarten Shabbat, and preparing for food drives – with our four Houses competing to collect the most donations!

The CCJDS Goal

Our goal is to provide on-site learning for all students whose families choose that option.  However, in order to operate safely and effectively in the COVID environment, we may have rotations in which students spend some days on campus and some at home.  Our first priority is to protect the safety and well-being of our students and staff – while ensuring that innovative learning and a dynamic community continue to be the focus of our school.  Keep reading to learn more about our excellent, robust, Distance Learning program.

Distance Learning at CCJDS

We expect to offer our Distance Learning program in tandem with onsite learning throughout this school year.  Some of our student families have chosen to stay home and continue with exclusively Distance Learning at this time.  Other students will participate in Distance Learning for a short time if they have flu or cold symptoms which require them to stay home but they feel well enough to join their class remotely or if they are quarantining for any reason.  Also, in order to operate safely and effectively in the COVID environment, we may have rotations in which students spend some days on campus and some at home.

Academic Excellence Is Just the Beginning – At Virtual CCJDS Too

Contra Costa Jewish Day School students are engaged in hands-on STEM projects, spirited literary discussions, and music, art and drama.  They burn off steam in PE, sing together during Shabbat, and connect with their cross-grade buddies.  Through morning meetings in the lower grades, 5th-8th grade advisory, and one-to-one interactions with teachers, our impressive students build teamwork skills, navigate challenges, discover their resilience and have fun.  They are thriving!  When we can’t be together in person, there’s no place we’d rather be than Virtual CCJDS!

Taking the “Distance” Out of Distance Learning: Connecting all of our Students

Outstanding, personalized instruction and a warm, inclusive community are the hallmarks of a CCJDS education. While we talk about “distance learning,” our goal is to remove as much distance as possible to ensure that our students continue their academic and social-emotional growth.

Teachers are projected to students through live audio/video technology.  Our teachers interact with students through a variety of methods including individualized challenges, whole-class discussions and hands-on activities.  Teachers provide their classes with small and large group spaces, office hours, and opportunities for both creativity and academic rigor – including digital expertise that will empower students through higher grade levels, college, and career.  Music, drama, art, and physical education round out an engaging, fun program.  Students still love “going” to school!

Strength in Community

We are also passionate about providing our students and families with the community that we all treasure – and that gives us strength in this challenging time.  We share weekly Shabbat celebrations, enjoy daily morning messages from our Head of School, and continue CCJDS traditions in meaningful, virtual ways.  Myriad student and parent social groups have transitioned to Zoom and our gala and talent shows are just some of the many opportunities for us to come together.  Everyone is connected at CCJDS.

The 2020-2021 School Year

CCJDS is meeting today’s challenges head-on, with thoughtful leadership, extraordinary teachers, and committed parents – a strong partnership for success.  In preparation for the 2020-21 school year, we planned for all contingencies.  In accordance with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, and state and local health authorities, in October we began to implement our gradual campus reopening plan.  At the same time, we continue to strengthen our highly successful distance learning program so we can pivot between on-campus and distance learning as needed, as the COVID-19 situation evolves.  Our goal is to ensure that during these challenging times, our students continue their academic learning, emotional and social growth.

Parent Testimonials

We are so grateful for the work and effort the teachers and staff have put into this ever changing time. Distance learning has been seamless. The kids are super engaged and they say it’s fun!
Robin S. Parent
We are impressed with the program and my child seems very happy with it. Thank you so much for all of the work you are doing!!
Lisa L. Parent
Distance learning is working great! I love the live classes on Zoom all morning to keep my daughter engaged. She is very independent, feels challenged and engaged but does not seem stressed or overburdened. The balance is wonderful.
Brandee W. Parent
I want to thank you all for your professionalism, clear communication, and commitment to our children and the community! Thank you!
Aiko D. Parent