Lower School Athletics

A healthy body and healthy competition are the twin pillars of our athletic program in grades K-5, and the students love it!   Students enjoy soccer, flag football, track and cross country running, ultimate frisbee, and other sports. Daily recess at CCJDS includes basketball, capture the flag, tag, jump rope, and other creative physical activities.

Middle School Athletics

CCJDS has a K-8 commitment to educating for both a healthy body and healthy competition.

athletics ccjdsThe 6th-8th grade PE program focuses on skill development, conditioning, and having fun.  Students enjoy soccer, flag football, frisbee, softball, cross-country and track, and more.

In 2019 we opened our Outdoor Recreation and Community Area – the ORCA.  The ORCA is a major campus improvement – a versatile, multi-sport court with adjacent seating area, connected to our classroom building by a newly built walkway.  Students and teachers are thrilled to use the ORCA for physical education (offering basketball, volleyball, badminton and more) as well recess and school sports teams.

CCJDS has a tradition of success in competitive intermural sports.  The CCJDS Bears field teams in Cross Country (fall), Soccer (fall), Basketball (Winter), and Volleyball (Spring).

basketball 7th grade