At CCJDS our mission is to:

  • Help all students reach their full academic and socio-emotional potential through a whole child approach to education.
  • Maintain teaching, curricular, and student excellence in both general and Judaic studies programs
  • Provide a rigorous and engaging general studies curriculum that encompasses mathematics, language arts, world language, science, social studies, computer science, visual and performing arts, and physical education
  • Teach Torah and traditional Jewish texts and history, knowledge of the Hebrew language, a rich variety of Jewish practices, tefillot (prayers), and the Judaic connection to Israel
  • Ensure that all students acquire the critical thinking and other skills necessary to become knowledgeable, committed, and responsible individuals
  • Create a caring and supportive school community
  • Nurture the individuality of each child in a respectful, exciting and modern environment
  • Integrate community service into the lives of our school family in keeping with our Jewish commitment to Tikkun Olam (Repairing Our World)